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Ready-made Bases for Orthodontic and Dental Casts

You'll like the look.

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Whitlab Redi-Bases produce a better looking study model or presentation cast, at less expense and in a fraction of the time - than any other system!


What are Whitlab Redi-Bases?

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Whitlab Redi-Bases are used by Orthodontists to professionally mount and display your patients' casts. Our bases are preformed and prepolished, and our precise manufacturing technique produces consistent dimensions, in all three sizes, so your model-making process is simplified and exact, every time. You'll be able to produce better looking study models in a fraction of the time compared to using any other method. You won't find a better looking base, because Whitlab Redi-Bases are made from tough and durable ABS plastic, and will not chip or crack the way plaster does so easily. Your presentation cast will look good the first time you show it to your patient and it will stay that way.
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Whitlab Redi-Bases are far easier to use than obsolete model formers or plaster bases. They eliminate difficult measurements and assure perfect alignment. The upper and lower sections always fit together properly and the finished presentation cast remains level. The plaster is easier to control because the Whitlab Redi-Base becomes an integral part of the cast and is never removed from it. Therefor there is less mess and less waste, so your final product looks cleaner and neater.
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Best of all, because the process is so simple and easily mastered, you won't need to use an outside lab. You can train your staff to do everything in-house. The Whitlab Redi-Base significantly reduces the time you'll spend on the process, lowers your cost by eliminating waste in both time and materials and provides a more professional, more appropriate model for you to study and your patients to view. And that will save you money. The best of both worlds.

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